"Putting the Traditional Logic back in STEM!"

Classical Computer teaches Traditional Logic and the Christian Natural Law Tradition through hands on computer programming and electronics projects.

Traditional Logic and the Christian Natural Law Tradition are the solid ground, the foundation for clear thinking about the physical world around us...God's creation...and the technology and machines we as beings made in God's image design and create.

The Classical Computer Soul of STEM series of books bridges the gap between Traditional logic and STEM through hands-on electronics, computer programming, and amateur science projects.

Quest to Save the King's Frogs!

Learn traditional logic and computer programming while gradually creating a simple text based story adventure game...Quest to Save the King's Frogs!

If you have never programmed before, you will be surprised at how much is involved behind the scenes to make such a simple game world "come alive" and be interactive.

LEARN the fundamentals of computer programming: functions, conditionals, variables, collections and the idea of abstraction.

DISCOVER the deep connection between computer programming and the fundamentals of traditional logic: categorical and conditional propositions, modus ponens, hypothetical, and categorical syllogisms, and abstractions and instances of abstractions.

REVEAL the Christian natural law tradition, elements of which are "hidden in plain sight" behind the constructs of programming languages.

Adventurer beware! Rescuing the King's Frogs will not be easy! Your quest will take you to the abode of the wicked witch and past mischievous, talking trees awaiting unsuspecting travelers in the forest!

257 pages Spiral Bound.

Play the "Quest to Save the King's Frogs" story adventure game you will create on your journey through the book



Coming Soon...Bring Simple Circuits to LIFE with Traditional Logic!

Soul of STEM - Simple Circuits lessons are designed to be hands on and computer free. In Soul of STEM - Simple Circuits you will explore:
  • The relationship between conditional propositions and syllogisms and simple electrical circuits
  • How these simple circuits connect like "Legos" to form fully programmable computers
  • Why the inner workings of computers and programs affirm the classical Christian worldview of a soul made in the image of God
  • The game of SIMCO. A simple board game that gently introduces students to the idea that computer programs are "machines" that can be understood in terms of the categorical and conditional propositions of traditional logic